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Friday, February 29, 2008
♥ 7:41 AM

hey all!
today i met up with Dyna , joelle and Sinyi. After that Ronald came too to discuss stuff with sinyi. Enjoyable. more updates on their blogs. HAHA! pictures at Dyna's blog.

hmmmmm, do visit www.newlifeoutreach.blogspot.com
there had been updates on the situation there and it was reported that
Friday, February 29, 2008
Deportation Started
This morning we managed to confirm that indeed a deportation happened.

11 people were deported after signing a "voluntary" deportation paper.

We have also received news that emotions are running high in the camp as people are fearful of the ongoing deportation. We've also heard that foreigners have all been denied access to the camp for the next couple of days so the deportation can go on smoothly.

What is happening in Laos ?
This month 22 Hmongs were slaughtered in the forest of Laos in attacks by the Laos Military and another 49 died of starvation.

this time round my faith is really stretched.
but the Foundation will always stand
All that can be shaken will be shaken.
I believe in your words, that you are the one who make a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland (psalms43:19)
I believe you heard all of our prayers and i am sure
it affects you more than it affects us.because you had poured your love into our hearts. Father, let all things go in YOUR WAY.[Support Raising!]

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
♥ 7:04 AM

LATEST update for upcoming mission trip

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
A deportation
Today, we received the most disturbing news to date.

We heard that a group of refugees have been just deported back to Laos.

Now we are in the process of verifying the facts and getting more data. Please pray with us.


all i ask for is your will be done in my life.
nothing more, nothing less.

Thursday, February 21, 2008
♥ 4:45 AM

If you need a servant

Some 12 years ago, a young 15 year old boy sang a song in church. To many people, this was just a song, but to this little boy, it reminded him of the needs that exist beyond the walls of the church.

Somehow, this song seemed to fit right into that young boy's life, it was almost like the song was talking about him. For this young man, he wasn't outstanding or special in any aspect, he was just like the hundreds of others, just one of many.

As this little boy sang this song, tears rolled down his cheek and he just lifted up his little hands and told the Lord "If you need a servant, here am I"

Through these 12 years, this little boy struggled through life's challenges and pains. Waiting for that one day which he can live his dream - the dream of impacting lives.

I'm that boy. This is the song.

CFNI : We can make a difference

I am just one of many
But we’re standing side by side
With a common cord that binds

Lord the harvest is plenty
But the laborers are few
Lord show us what to do

Chorus :

If we can touch one life, reach one soul
Find someone who needs you lord

We can make a difference, if we try
We can change the whole world, one heart at a time
If you need a servant, here am I
Cause we can make a difference, In somebody’s life

Lord the world is hungry
I can see it in their eyes
They need the bread of life
Lord the world is dying
For their hearts have gone astray
Send us right away

If we can touch one life, Reach one soul
Find someone who needs you Lord

Then we can make a difference, if we try
We could change the whole world, One heart at a time
If you need a servant, Here am i
We can make a difference In somebody’s life

taken from: http://newlifeoutreach.blogspot.com/2008/02/if-you-need-servant.html

♥ 4:28 AM

hehehehe. i am blogging from melissa bea hui lin's house! EXAMS are over yay!

went to work today with xuan, xuan's friends tony and guang ming. gave up around 1000 flyers heehehe. or is it 500? i don't know.

quite fun but a bit tiring.
then hang out with xuan's friends for a while after she left.
woah, her friend alvin is goood at drinking lo! cause he can finish 3quarter of the extra large carl J cup in 30 seconds.

then here i am.

i donno what to blog .



Wednesday, February 20, 2008
♥ 8:33 AM

EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY !!!

haha, no time to blog. so long!

Thursday, February 07, 2008
♥ 6:45 AM

Things on mind:
1) Chiang Mai trip:
God, what do you want to do there?
How can we be a blessing to the people there?
God, what is on your heart for the people?
Empower us with your love, your purposes and your will!
PRAY: for the hearts of people, for the Team's hearts.

2) Exams

PRAY: concentration. jiayou all :)

happy CNY!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008
♥ 3:31 AM

thai trip ! overwhelmed :)


Saturday, February 02, 2008
♥ 8:55 AM

This is what Ngee Ann students will do when they are in a midst of a tension discussion. They talk about a random thing suddenly. The "If i Press my Belly Button" saga..

This is what Ngee Ann students will do before exams and before submission of essays , projects whatsoever. Their MSN status are all : BUSY.

i am doing OB now. And i feel like finishing it all at once. that means no sleep tonight! good bye.

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