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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
♥ 5:35 AM

i want to be able to say this on the last day of my life on earth:
"i've ran a good race for u lord."

and even though sometimes ur way i cannot understand.
i never walk away because my future is in ur hands.

i don care wad ppl will say , i'm running after you.
i won't turn back and go the way, i'm running after you
no matter wad become my way, i'm running after you
it's u i'm following today, i'm running after you.

indeed, since life started in jc. i experienced wad it is to RUN!
choices-i've reached a point of my life where choices has to be made.
perseverence-wad i really really need in a race.
but let me tell u this, i end up walking most of the time and i realise that this is my human weakeness.andi've came to realise that this is the same for my spiritual walk. if i were to depend on myself for this race, gosh. i CARN MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!

but i thank GOd. thank him for his omnipresence.thank him for his manifestation presence and thank HIM for giving us his holy spirit that we need not run this race on our own.
and i thank him for so much so much MORE!

Dear Lord,I really want to be what You expect of me, a good example for the newbies in Christ to see,to be humble and to be honest,To be more like You and less like me.But I know I can't do this alone. I need Your 24/7 support and guidence.Hold me if I fall and carry me if I cry.Because Your love is all I need,and nothing else from this world.Amen.

(copyrighted from JAS.haha.cuz tt's eactly wad i wanna say)

wad is O lvl results compared to a GOD who noes the plan for ur life. where it's fixed but the choice lies on whether u wan HIS plan or not?

i donno wad's gonna happen in the very near future.
but i noe it's gonna be good simply because God says that he has "plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us a hope and a future"

i'm running after you!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
♥ 2:05 AM

loads of issues. if a person were to think of wad problems they have, then i guess they will jus be so super pessimistic at the end of the day.

SOME points that GOD is trying to get across to me this few days:
-thru last sun sermon (faith. in GOd, in his promises.have dreams.to have commited faith and to declare that faith in ur mouth)
-thru sun sermon (optimistism. that CHrist has created us to each be unique beautiful talented etc. each to their own strengths.)
-to believe in wad GOd says i am thru his word.
-to hab faith in my rln with God.
-to hab faith in my rln with ppl.
-to hab faith in myself,in other areas of my life.

and i guess that's not all. that GOd is not done moulding me. there's still a long way to go.
and yea, the moulding process is never painless. hehehs.
i'm glad i trust in a God that sees the big picture. and knows the way i am going. xD

GOd loves me and he loves YOU too . and he wants u to be blessed so much that u carn contain it.and then u can be a blessing to others

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
♥ 1:02 AM

hmmm, decided to post cuz today i seriously have NOTHING to do.LOLS.
who say JC life is stress?
i think i am stress-free.lOLs. well, at least for the time being.
so far i only pon sch once. v gd le okie? haha.
and yes, made good frens in SAJC..
dragonboating tmr!~ who says i have nothing to do huh?
hahaas. okies, i'm so scared that i am turning into a pig la.. HOHO.
and sean is jus so super funny.
he joined cheerleading,dance ,water polo and canoeing.
and from the way he described canoeing training, we were like "oh my GOSH!"
and yes, wad he said abt water polo was also super funny.shan't say here.=X
and cheerleading, need to touch the "ver-jae-jae" of the opp. gender.LOLS!

wad an interesing person on earth. good thing i din tell him my blog mans.LOLS~

overall, i like my time spent in SA .though i don't like physics.hoho.
hmmm, i guess it's not nice to part again once after three months.
nvm, in life we learn to let go. hehe.

and yes, GOD LOVES U.

♥ 12:38 AM


touching mtv. first watched it a few years ago. the first time i watched i teared. simply reminds me of God's love.xD

Monday, January 01, 2007
♥ 9:49 PM


trip to thailand was gd. pictures speak a thousand words. i shall post the pictures once i got the memory card from my sis.

bangkok was bombed on new year's eve.
i came back on the 29th, actually i had the intention to actually stay for one more day or 2 more days. cuz i wanted to shop. but i seriously give thanks to God that i came back!
cuz we visited the lumpini night bazzar, siam square and donno-wad-the-name-is (a big shopping mall)..woah, or else who noes wad might happen!
GLOry to God for keeping my family and the others safe and sound. inddeed, he noes wad's gg to happen nxt cuz he is GOD !~!!

on another note, new year eve was a time for me to reflect on 2006. Giving thanks time was indeed memorable and u see how God works differently in ppl's lives. that there are ups and there are downs and mediums..hoho. and u see how ppl grow! praise HIM! ton at ivy's house. slpt at 7am.HOHo.was fun playing bluff cuz her mum is jus so super funny. anyway. i think i lost all the rounds la. hahas.chatted w ivy then slp.
i can come to the conclusion that it is better to focus on GOd than on Ppl. and it is better to please God than to please man. xD -my new year's resolution!

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