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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
♥ 6:42 AM

i can't believe that i am back to blogging . HEHEHE, okies, well, need to de-stress RIGHT!

the most shocking thing that happened today is this: intro psych paper is due next monday 6August 2007 and i thought it will be due on next friday 10 aug la! so shocked. hehehs.

today i did not got to school because there was no school. i postponed dg and consultation and stayed at home to do my essays outlines.

last week was a happy and not-so-happy week.
happy because it WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHHEHES>.< it is THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS! :))

argh, i wrote a list of things that happen to me during my bday. a thankyou list. oh wells, i am too lazy to retype. NEXT YEAR THEN.

ohkies, i realise that my psych essay is kinda out of point. well, i have to re-edit the whole thing!
hmmmmm, life's good with God in it !

mel bee get well soon! :)

suddenly, i feel like screaming, dancing, laughing, jumping , crying in the presence of GOD. i am FREE to worship and am free because of His Blood! what joy~ streams of praise this coming friday and saturday! :D

life is a race worth running.


Thursday, July 26, 2007
♥ 12:29 AM

okie. so here i am blogging.hehe. is ITABS now lahs. i will still visit blogs occasionally during lesson times la..
this morning, i went to CHANGI AIRPORT TO SEND MAY OFF!
MAY, YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE MISSED! hehehes, be sure that i will check ur blog everyday and bug u on MSN. :)

hmmmm, i guess the hardest part was when she really really IS leaving, when she walked into the departure hall.. she hugged each of us and said "Good Bye". . . yeah man, God will be with ya wherever you go ya and everything is a process :)
anws, she'll be back in DECEMBER too :D let's all keep her in our prayers!
hmmmm, suddenly i have many thoughts on life. Suddenly it hits me that i better cherish the people around me before they leave! especially family,my sis(cuz she might leave nxt year to study overseas).. yeahs, i will learn to appreciate more of the things and people that God has placed in my life ..and i needed some assurance whatsoever. and i felt God saying that "Child, I will never leave nor forsake you".:D how GREAT is our God, how GREAT is his love... hmmm..what a day!
oh yes, and i just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Xuan, Peibao, Shawn, Ben and Bree for celebrating me and bree's birthday yesterday! I AM VERY hAPPY by everything :) yup, do check out Xuan's blog for pictures and details on the celbration. hehe. they got me a nalgene water bottle because my old one's strap was spoiled.. hehe. and yeahs, also wanna thank my parents for getting me an mp3 and irene + bibi for swensense , and dede for MOS ! tmr's THE DAY THAT I AM BORRN!! hahahs. wooots :D

Monday, July 23, 2007
♥ 6:07 AM

For the sake of focusing on my work, i am refraining myself from reading blogs and blogging for the next three weeks. BECAUSE i realise that i seriously cannot concentrate on my work :) THREEE more weeks and it shall be holidays..and one exam. hehes.

bros-and-sis in christ out there: if your' reading this, do keep me in prayer too, feel free to msg me if ya have any prayer request. too.. .
and FRIENDS, i will still go on FRIENDSTER during ITABS. hehhehes, msn is sth that i will still use but not as often. yup. so LONG BLOGGERS!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
♥ 5:49 AM

10 weird/fun/ah-noyying/wow-i-myself-never-knew-that-before facts (okie, i only realise wad it means by being SPAM recently, hahahs)

1) i can have seriously bad mood swings and would jus like to be left alone
2) i seriously am saliva conscious
5) I am very into God.
6) I am lag = pick up things slowly = can't play the drums!
7) unknowingly , i can diao ppl
8) the place i always wanna be forever is to be in the presence of God.
9) i like to play sport games esp, captain's ball (sth that i like since primary school days)
10) Out of 10 sessions, i've been to less than 5 sessions FOR The Adventure Seekers. AND I CAN"T WAIT FOR NIGHT CYCLING!!!


Saturday, July 14, 2007
♥ 3:40 AM

hey friends, if you are free and would like to do some reading, grab hold of today (Saturday,14/7/07) Saturday Special. There are many articles on it about "Girls not Wanted" in China.. One of the articles really touched me. Is about this Yao family of Hainan who adopted fourteen abandoned girls , even though they had 5 children of their own, even though they live in Hainan where sons are priced and daughters are not wanted. Hainan is the place with the worst loopsided male-female ratio...Said one of the girls who was adopted 17yrs ago by the Yaos: "I regard them as my real parents. And i feel that my adopted sisters and I are bound by the same fate."

in other words, they are actually orphans. If not for the Yao couple, i donno where she wil be now...

you can read more about it in the newspaper. touching stories.


Friday, July 13, 2007
♥ 7:26 AM

AHHHHHH! i am so super uber duper full! even though is like 4 hours plus after we left sakae, the fullness is still in my stomach ~~~this is the first time i ever felt so full to the MAX. hahahas. yeahs. but i guess is too much , should not have gone there with an empty stomach, well, IS BUFFET MA~~~~ LOls.

i had difficulty walking and luffing -the after effects of sakae. but it was fun~

the whole lot of us skipped lunch so as to leave more space for the food, i think the 5 of us ate around 60 plus plates? i am not sure of the exact no. though.. but one thing's sure- me and xuan ate the most i guess HAHAHS.

During lunch break, me sharyl and bree took hold of ben's guitar and played +sing songs! fun.. shawn was busy taking pictures.hehes. bao and xuan was watching movie while meiling was doing LMS. Jam one day? hehehhehes.

me playing the guitar :)

did i mention that ben and bree can play the guitar pretty well?
Sharyl sings well too! bree can play the basss tooo..
hehes, and xuan can play the drums, bao can play keyboard n piano. meiling can sing. shawn can tak peeektures! hahhahahahs, we can try out jamming one day when we are all free.

but the most amazing thing is this: no matter how well or how badly we are, what He sees is not the skills but the HEART.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VBWOrnDqhI (artsy chinese video by Joshua Band)
http://youtube.com/watch?v=B6gMTqK8fBk&mode=related&search= (if you are bored, can listen to this :"I can go the distance")
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D58QG3aCMk&mode=related&search= ("when you believe")

oh wells, so much for now.so long~


Thursday, July 12, 2007
♥ 10:54 PM


i can't wait for the holidays to come :) two months yeah.
this holiday, i want to gain new experiences and i want to go to overseas to learn to give to grow. and also to plan stuff etc. Because I seriously do not want to regret if i do not do the things while i am young,energetic and single. make full use of your singlehood :D while you can fully focus on God and wholly give all ur heart to him:) iam not saying that you can't do this if u're married, im saying that is Easier to focus .

so long~

but i will only go if you call me to. because, apart from you i can do nothing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
♥ 11:21 PM


check it out :)

♥ 5:26 AM

something I learnt about the helping profession: there's a limit to the things you can do to help someone. Always identify if the person wants to be help so that they can help themseleves, or if the person don wan any help. For the latter, the good help u can ever administer is to simply lend a listening ear and keep it low.

yayness! the weekedns are coming here soon. grp projects are GONE GONE GONE@! lols. WOOHoos, it was a job well done ppl. :)

now here comes the new opponent: ESSAYS

woohhos. writcom can be a big headach sometimes. oh wells.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
♥ 7:06 AM



Monday, July 09, 2007
♥ 9:47 AM

many things you will never ever noe until he/she tells you..
but the thing is: God knows.

u can ask as many qns as you want, but FACTS will always remain as FACTS. it's just a matter of weather you believe in it or not.

they say difficulties produce character and character produces hope i think.. some where in the bible some how.

many things in life i question, but i don see waht i will become in the end , i don see the full plan.
BUT, i know he does.

ps: pardon me for my super random thoughts because my head is spinning at this hour of 12:51 am.

Friday, July 06, 2007
♥ 5:27 AM

hey peps. Today i jus wanna share some videos with ur from youtube.

Who am I - By Casting Crown


Voice of Truth - By Casting Crown (shown in campus crusade for christ yesterday [thursday])

Voice of Truth- By Casting Crown (featuring the story of Facing the Giants, the movie shown in Hao Wu Bao Liu Camp on the last night)


Can anybody see her?- by Casting Crown (intro by bree):)


These videos take some time to load, and ur can actually load it while u do ur stuff. If ya really have no time to see, i would highly recommend the second one cuz i think is really nice. :)

Today was LMS and CONTEMPO. not bad larhhs.. heheh. the presentations on LMS was GD! MEILING N EUNICE IS THE BEST. hehhe, cuz the panadol shirt was RIPPED apart..and contempo was abt the debate thinggy. lols. all of us were either playing games (in my case: neopets) or jus watching movie using the lappy...hhaha
but we got do our part on the research OKIES?lols..

after that i accmpany meiling to some place to do some things that she need to do/ and i saw alicia and PX on campus. OH tian ar, th pizza really not nice nehs.... oh wells, is okie. no point fretting over spilled milk ya.

yesterday was campus crusade and the speaker was GOD! hahas. yeah yeahs. we spend some time listening to God's voice in the SILENCE and it was very good. It ministered to us all and after that we stayed back to pray and tok on what we had recieved.

-God is REAL and working in our lives:)

and oooh, all the best to the DANCERS and the drama TEAM TMR!! ya all can do it because NOTHING IS impossible for GOD!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007
♥ 7:36 AM


that's CUTE Min and melissa. BAHAHAS. :P

today we had lessons as usual.
and yeahhh, one significant event for Community Service Module.

In order for us to get a taste of disability, equipments like wheel chair, ear plug, crutches, blind folds, blind stick, bandages are given out to us. this activity will last for 2 days plus. and we are divided into two groups.

i was in the helper group..next week will be my turn to be the disabled person.
hehehehs, cuz CAN SLP IN CLASSS.
lols, writcom tchr said this to meiling "how come during lesson wear blindfold, then wan to go toilet can take out blindfold?".

LOLS..well, she put on her blindfold in the end to go toilet, but cheated in the end.hAHAH, if not how to wee wee ?

it was fun ya! innovativve way of learning. and getting FIRST hand experience :) PCS<3

♥ 6:24 AM

hey peepos! It's the season of fasting ya.!
it's the season of praying!

it's the season of urgency
it's the season of harvest.

it's the season of revival.
the season where the King is coming already.

keep on praying, never give up.

thank you for ur love.
i will never be whole without you.
i want to be in ur presence.

prayer group today was great. the wind was blowing while we prayed..
His presence is so real.. and we all conclude that aboslutely NOTHING is impossible for GOD.

things i want to commit in school:

-monday morning pcs prayer group
-thursday crusade


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