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Monday, April 30, 2007
♥ 9:07 AM

nothing compares to one day in ur court.
more than life.
i was saved by grace. deliberate grace :)

Sunday, April 29, 2007
♥ 6:04 AM

the time now is 9:06pm and i carn believe that i've jus wasted 1 hours plus plus of my life on msn and visiting blogs aka. SLACKING.hahahs. was suppose to do research for assg 3 for LMS and research for com sevice paper. looks like i'll be starting on it 10 min later since now i am blogging. HAHAH. anws, today was baptism day in our church and WOOHOO!

hereby welcome:



some random thoughts of the day:

-broken at the feet of God.
-his grace is sufficient and enough for me
-it is AMAZING how God works in our lives.
-when i am weak, then i am strong:)

mel's april 28 sat post is inspiring.

agapao love - it never fails.

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Friday, April 27, 2007
♥ 9:54 AM

so here i am sitting in front of the lappy at 12:54am SHARP saying HI once again to my dear frens out there sitting in front of the com reading this particular post of mine.

as a normal human being, i have every reason to complain,to whine ,to be negative right now considering this busy life i am leading .i shall not go into the details but hey, when u're complaining, u're actually saying to GOd "no, this is not quite right for me.U shuldn't have let this happen to me." Basically, u're saying that GOd had made a MISTAKE in allowing all these whatever events to happen in ur life...we all noe that God don't make mistakes.

and as for me, i choose not to complain. since he allowed all these to happen to me, he'll provide me with the rest i need and the strength to go on , knowing that God's with u and with me.
Yes,he's not a God that will throw u a problem and leave ya alone figuring it out urself.He's a God that will work thru it with ya,even carrying ya thru all of these when u carn make it. And that's wad he did for me last year, on the days leading up to the Os, while we were preparing for Queen Esther's Musical. the God who carried me thru QEM last year, will carry me thru it all.

well to all who are having mid-yeAr exams currently or in a few weeks time, here's sth i'm trying to convey: GOD's WITH U:)

CRUSADE is COOL and the ppl are nice n friendly:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
♥ 7:42 AM

today was an eventful day for me.

after class today, a few of my classmates and i went to meet michelle from campus crusade to know more abt CC and also to fellowship. and sharyl was tellin me how she fell off from those steps outside the library.

then we went to SIM for lunch and meet up w the rest of the ppl. i went to the toilet cuz it's a cold n rainy day!
and jus when i was abt to do my business, the lights went OUT. lOLS. i was so stunned la.. jus stood down there, and i kept praying in my heart! hahahs, then manage to grope my way out of the toilet to on the lights again. i notice that the male toilet 's door was swinging so i reckon that some childish and boliao GUYS had switched off the female toliet's lights.. TIAN AR! there was some cubicles closed, but no sound.. o well, so i did my business and left la.

woah, then chit chat till 5 pm and we went to watch V for vedentta ? for our IS module.. goodness! it was a COLD N RAINY DAY and maybe due to my frictionless slippers, i fell when i was gg down the steps la..it's painful LA!!! so untahanable at first, but later the pain goes off and it jus feels numb.

the show was quite nice n captivating, time seems to fly past.
left school arnd 8pm i think! wad a day!
woah, anws i thank God that at least i am still alive and kicking and one single piece back:)

oh ya and it will not be 3 slides per page for me le, it will be 3 SLIDES ON BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER FROM NOW ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahs.

and i saw px today in ngee ann's library =P WOOF WOOF


Monday, April 23, 2007
♥ 6:45 AM

you know wad?

poly dosen't jus involve a laptop!
it involves pen paper paper paper printer printer printer n LOADS of printing.
and i am NEVER EVER GG TO PUT 2 slider per page now.
and i am so gonna pray hard that my printer ink dosen't run DRY! WHEEEEE

and i carn organise my things.
probably need to get some file dividers and SOME MORE FILES.~


Thursday, April 19, 2007
♥ 7:57 AM

okie. so here i am blogging!
it's been a long time since i last updated on my life huh.
anways, poly had already started and the time now is 10:57pm. yup, cuz i jus finish doing my work and printed all the neccessary documents.
well, wad can i say?
hmmm, the orientation was quite boring actually but i guess the purpose is to at least noe some new ppl in ur course! yup!

and yea, mus be more discipline to do my work and try not to compromise too much.hahha, notice the term "try not To"...well, in poly ya kinda independent and i like the way things are like, a lot of freedom. and to me, stoning is jus a part and parcel of my travel journey w/o esther and nicole. well well well, maybe is time i start saving up for an ipod huh.

as for my class, there's only 3 SAD guys.HHAHAHA. n one guy used to host shows on kids central, cool huh.
i think the ppl in my class are generally nice and can get along with :) yah, but now still not very shou.

anyway, there are a few things i want to be thankful for today:

thank GOd that:

-my laptop is fixed now
-i have a thumbdrive to use( i found it at home = save $ :))
-onli need to take two buses to reach school
-reasonable timetable
-my family members are all healthy and alive:))
-i have enough time to finish up my work today
-i can use a printer
-he's with me thru it all :D

i guess this blog will be use to post mudane happenings in my life from now.and occasional deviant art!


sth learnt recently
Monday, April 16, 2007
♥ 5:51 AM

sth i 've learnt recently.

2 dons.

don worry(be happy)

don think too deep, too much

jus be a child.

kope from mel bee 's blog


Friday, April 13, 2007
♥ 6:54 AM

i changed my blogskin cuz i found one i like.

HMS :)


Thursday, April 12, 2007
♥ 5:40 AM

wanna change my blogskin. any suggestions?

Good Friday
Friday, April 06, 2007
♥ 6:45 AM

inspired by the post of Peixian on thurs april05.

1) from self esteem to God esteem

Do not conform any longer on to the pattern of this world ,but be transformed by renewing of ur mind.Then u will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good,pleasing and perfect will"Romans 12:1-2

"it's an ongoing battle. n to stand firm in Him.not to fight any war.but to stand firm.He has overcomed the world.There's nuthin for me to overcome.jus to stand firm.n praise Lord that He has won a victorious fight!"

sometimes, one can be too preoccupied to wad ppl has to say abt them, one can jus simply take in too much or to be too concerned of wad ppl has to say abt them..to the extent that they forget to go and listen wad our heavenly Father has to say abt them ! which is more impt, ppl's opinions or God-the Creator of EVERYThing ,the judge ,the King of the Universe's view on u?

To add on, i donno wad the future holds for me, i don think i am up to the task to do the stuff that he called me to do.. but the point is God called me to it and the point is He knows i can do it with Him with me.. i can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength yea! and wad's behind my zeal: to glorify His name. (1cor10:31)

2) Honor and Obey Your parents
"i will do whatever i can to obey n honour them"

'Children, obey ur parents in the Lord, for this is right. "
"honor ur father and mother -which is the first commandment with a promise ,that it may go well with you and that u may enjoy long life on the earth"

it's Good Friday today.
Wad does it mean to know that He died for me so that i can live? that he place all of us first?


Tuesday, April 03, 2007
♥ 4:28 AM

Since I've found your love
I've never needed anything to fill my heart
Even when I fall
You're always there with open arms to pick me up
From the start I knew
No one else could make me feel the way you do
Everyday I want to grow
Just a little bit closer, just a little bit close
rI want to be a reflector
I want to shine with your glory
I want to let the whole world know that you're
Living in me
I want to burn with your fireShine my light a little brighterI want to let the whole world know that
Jesus Lives in me

Sunday, April 01, 2007
♥ 9:33 PM

woah. it's been long since i blogged using my own words.

poly is gonna start real soon!


heh, at a loss for words.

tata out~

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