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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
♥ 5:49 AM

Sunday, August 26, 2007
♥ 6:33 AM


this holiday is gonna be pretty fruitful with events going on.. indeed, poly holidays are more fun than secondary school holidays i would say. xD i hope i blog more too.. take care peepos

Thursday, August 23, 2007
♥ 9:27 PM

OKIES. so ONE paper down, NO MORE TO GO! ahhahahahahas.
ystd, i was in cloud NINE after the exams :D

then after that went to tan pei ah bao's house to bake cookies and chill.
i did helped out a little ok? although an egg dropped on the floor.
overall, it was enjoyable and fun!

after that went to see baby charlotte at Bro Chris hse. very very cute and tiny!
had a 'mini prayer ' after that and we left.

reached home @ 11.30pm. din really have time to blog and all.now i gtg buy didi's bday pressie. some marble thing!


Monday, August 20, 2007
♥ 8:38 AM

why would a king, a creator of this world degrade himself to bear so much for me and you so that we can be free and can live?

the answer is simple: He loves You.

thanks to the influence of my church frens like melissa, px , jane etc. i think wordpress is kinda cool. so i guess i will be making a switch to wordpress. lols. the new wordpress shall be up after exams.! stay tune.

ps: wordpress has password protect function. cool right?

and and and, my first poly exam on thurs! isn't this exciting? LOLs..

anyways, i met Jane today to study. supposingly arranged at 1pm. but we met onli at 2:45pm. well don ask me why, cause i don really noe why is it too...ooh, maybe i woke up at 12 noon and she woke up at 12 noon noon noon? lols.

din really started studying till 5plus? HHAAHAHAS..oh wells.. tmr shall chiong and wed shall chiong..

BAOs. cheeeeer UP. we are here for you. pull through this with you! take cares:)

Friday, August 17, 2007
♥ 4:58 AM

HAHAHAHA.. today i met up with Miss Breanna Chan Qi Min to study at Woodlands Regional Library!

well, it was quite productive i would say..more for her!
can u feel the tension rising up?
well, i think i gave up reading and guess i will just concentrate on writing notes and reading at the same time. i don have enough time left!

still got intelligence, abnormal psych,learning, memory and the perspectives!!
eeek. well disney movies at 11pm everynight sure is comforting.

and now i understand the significance of comfort food. BAHHH

let's see my library-hopping week.

Mon: Jurong Library
Tue: Bishan Library
Wed: Woodlands Regional Library
Thur: Sengkang Library
Fri: Woodlands Regional Library
Sat(tmr): Queenstown Library.

haha, omg i think i am having this library-craze thinggy. oh wells. 23 Aug is liberation day. wad can i say? and is only ONE paper.. goodness wad will happen next sem cause there's gonna be THREE paper next sem..! *screams..

btw classmates, do go to http://www.mhhe.com/feldmanup8 to get exercises bah.. i haben go in yet maybe next week. everyone JIAYOU okie!

is tough to survive without your love.
yes i remember that you said this " nothing is too hard for me"

ps: i wanna go shopping after exam!! needa get new heels cuz my old one kinda broke but i glued it back. THANKS TO XUAN's POST that cause me to have this shopping sensation. eek~

Thursday, August 16, 2007
♥ 2:55 AM

helloss ppl. i am blogging cause i am simply BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED~!

okies, so i had been a guai kia so far this week but i am kinda slow.. hmm.
let's see how my library hopping had been this week.

met up with JANE and IVY to supposingly study at Jurong Library.. well i was the earliest ok? but the tension and sense of urgency to study hasn't really gotten on me yet.. so i'm just sitting there at cafe galilee doing my stuff like playing w the straws, planning things, and listening to SOP..
okies, so there i was sitting at galilee waiting for peepo to come..in total spent around $9 on the drinks there la.. so EEEK. oh ya, and i saw Ren Kai from TAS there. hehe, he is my group leader and he's real funny la.. yeahs. read thru 3pages of Personality i think.yup.after that went home..


met up with miss ong ah xuan, miss Tan pei ah bao and miss Breanna Chan qi min. hahahs.. well before that i went to the dentist to clean my tooth. no MORE CARMAEL TOOTH OK? tuesday was Bishan Library.. ong ah xuan got this cabin for us and yah, quite comfortable. managed to study more than monday. BAo was last to reach.. we had 2 brushes w the librarian . first for bao eating, second for being too loud. HOHOHO. but i thought it was quite fun making her blow the top? wahahhas..after that i had dinner at PAsta w onli me eating while xuan n bree were reading..then i went home.


met up with Jane at causewaypoint mac for breakfast! yummy yummy.. yah lor, there's no more hotcakes in big breakfast le:( ahhhh, i am quite outdated for mac breakfast huh.. then after that we went to Woodlands Regional Library to study.. It was quite productitive i would say cause the sense of urgency began to creep in . eek :) hmmm, i saw miss tan ah bao there hehehes. yeahs. studying in library is good. but i guess i was quite tired library hopping for the past three days.. so i simply went home in the evening and slept for 7-10pm. my mum was calling me to eat dinner but i am just too tired to wake up.. hahhahahas.. yeahs.

i made myself stay at home the whole day just to rest.. well, i am done w personality today. and i just got to say that my studying speed is JUST TOO SLOW> i can't seem to concentrate now so prolly i will pack my stuff and go to Sengkang Library to study later.i am suppose to give my bro tution one.. well i tutored him for like 1 hour plus plus and i gave up and watch mulan.. as i was slacking in front of my computer jus now, he came and ask me.
"shouildn't you be studying?"
"oh.. i am cultivating a mood to study"
"then you can tutor me now?"

hahhahahas.. i am slacking la....

"i want to slack also"
"u ask mama la..."

LOLS. he is having his exams next week. oh wells. all the best to all who are having exams ya! so long~

update next time~! :) takecare readers.

is your love that keeps me strong and going everyday..
nothing is too hard for the Creator and Programmer of the Universe .

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
♥ 7:30 PM

hello everybody! i am here to blogg! YAYNESS *CLAPS* IT is NATIONAL DAY TODAY!! AHHHHS...

YSTD was a goooood day! went to watch "Secrets I can't Tell" directed by JAY CHOU, with my sec4 girl FRIENDS!! yayness, they really lighten up my stressful mood and brought a smile to my face! it really is fun teasing around after so long . oh wells.

yay! and the show is really good. there's a twist at the end of it. STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO WATCH AND RMB TO BRING TISSUE BOX> HELLOS, i din tear in the cinema okiE? my eyes were too tired to tear. hehes.

okies, after that i went to bishan to meet MS ong Ah xuan and her friend to do ITABS> AND IT IS DONE!! oh MY GOSH! hahas, it had been pretty draining for me the past few days, but HE was with me thru it all..

hmmm, i am suppose to do some 5-i-am-so-weird-things because i am TAGGED by ong ah xuan!

Rules and Regulations:
1) Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves.
2) People who get tagged needs to write in their blog of their own weird things as well and state the rules clearly.
3) In the end, you'll select 5 people to be tagged and list their names

6 weird things abt me! :D

- sometimes i don't understand myself at all
-i hate chilli sauce
- i don't shit very oftenly, once in 2-3 days
-i am quite a do-a-job-to-your-best kinda person
-i like to call my sister a PIG
- i am very focus in doing things, so if u talk to me when i am working, i may give you the wrong or "anyhow" answer.

welll, 5 people are to be tagged: ??? just take it.

imperfect as i am, but i've known you- a perfect Father..
when i fall , you pick me up.
when i am weak, you are my strength.
when i tear, you comfort me.
when i smile, you smile at me
show people you power and that your name might be proclaimed in all the earth.
awesome. amazing. beautiful. wonderful.


Monday, August 06, 2007
♥ 2:28 AM

jus a short one on wad i've learnt during SOP.. well, a general one..

-NO, i am not looking for a "high" feeling when i go there, i am looking for spiritual renewal, i am looking for the face of God.

-every year, SOP never fails to bring in this message: God loves you. God really, loves you. God really really loves you.

When the reality of God's love sinks in, it's not just a momentary thing. It is a eveyday, whole-life thing....because He had never changed from the days of Genesis till now. Isn't it amazing that God remained the same ? while people will change, circumstances will change, things will change, but He remains the same!

-plastic bag (worry, fears, uncertainty,troubles, anger , unforgiveness) in exchange for gucci bag (love, joy, peace, hope), anyone?

-He sees us as very beautiful.

-REvial. "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then i will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land"..-2chronicles :14

in this 17 yrs of age, i've seen for myself the brokeness of things..there's a strong need for broken things to be mend,repaired, relationships to be restored..this is a broken n lost generation...

what happened in the book of acts CAN and will happen MORE in the land of SIngapore.

-Read, Reflect, Response, Rest.

- i wanna be either HOT or COLD but not lukewarm. HOT is wad i hope to sustain, this strong passion! prayer meeting on sunday morning is good! let's sustain it :)

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