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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
♥ 10:59 PM

AHHH!!!! tmr is da CAMP!! breakthroughh~~
wah, can hardly contain the excitement.
imagine the FUN there will be in the GamEs .
carn wait fer a BReAkthROUgh in everyything!

hmmmm, wad else can i say leh?
this past few days i was busy looking for a job, bought some clothes and went out
almost everyday to play or rather "look for jobs".
not to forget choir n dance practices. this week no dance practice so mus prac at home.

nothing muchie.
i've finally learnt wad it means to really be flexible in the way u handle rln w ppl.
and it's really impt to see who u're toking to.

Sunday, November 26, 2006
♥ 9:20 PM

pls anyone any job lobang?
currently, needa get the dance steps right n spot on.
needa learn the camp song like the back of ur hand
needa learn the CCIs performance song like the back of ur hand.
needa clear some space in my brain.

needa spend quality time with God
needa learn to give my life to him.
need a breakthrough to hab a closer rln with HIm.
needa love HIM more.

♥ 7:43 AM

waiting for posting results.
helllo.trying out on this beta thinggy.
anyway life's gd.xD

Thursday, November 23, 2006
♥ 8:56 AM

i think it was quite fun!
now that stupid weiling don wan go gior work! ARRR! i don care i wan go GIOR work
and she keep muacking me eeeeeeek. will have nightmares tonightl. hahhha.
btw, she came up with sth quite bad : "yt + yj =matchmake" kinda thing.HAHA. it actually stands for "yuanting and yeapJUN" LOLS.
so dead la them.
ok anyways, back to the prom.
had many emotions bahs...
hmmm, i guess i will really miss my school, miss all the tchrs ( ur dedication,hardwork and everything that u had done for us, i will always remember, w/o this group of tchrs, i won't be wad i am. u tchrs in Xms r the BEST! seriously the BEST!)
and to my class 402,i really will miss u ppl.and to my gd pals in 02, u guys will always be remembered by me and i noe that good frens will always be gd frens no matter wad and that we will always stay in contact.

To denise,yilin and minghui:
i love u ppl! i'm glad to have known u ppl for 4 yrs and that u ppl have gone thru the happy and sad things in my schoollife =(( haha. and yes, we do have our "mo cha" and have our "bu shuangs" to each other budden i noe that gd frens are for life and that we will always be frens no matter wad happen in future.
feel free to look for me if ur ever need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.takecareee~!

To sibei,jaymie,jacqueline,joselyn:
i'm glad to have known u ppl for the past 2 yrs and yes, we'll keep in contact yea.
it was fun to hab u guys around in school and to share all the lamao jokes tgt and all gang up and luff at me huh? HAHA..no matter wad, i treat ur as my gooody frens n i'm so gonna miss everysingle one of u ..hehs.life in 402 will nv be the same without u ppl..feel free to look for me if ur ever need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on..takcare!

To yingjie:
HEY U!! i know u since primary school and i was really happy to know that u're in my class in sec3.
although u always bully me, hahahas, always hab all those lamao ideas to bully me (eg, dao me for months) hehe, but i'm still v happie to know u. now that we're gonna part, and gg to JC, a new life, i'll definitely miss u and ur lamaonesss!..takcare, and if u ever need someone to tok to, i'll be there for u!

To esther:
HEYY!am i glad to know u in sec3!~ woohho, knowing u is really a blessing from GOD bcause thru u,i felt God toking to me, thru u, i learn more things about GOd, and thru u, i felt that there's someone i can turn to and tok to if i ever need a listening ear. u had been a great and wonderful fren to me and i noe that u are someone that i will keep as my gooody pal for life ! luv ya lotsa and keep in contact eh? GOD BLESS.
feel free to look for me if u ever need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on..takcare!

To gordon,kevin,daniel and shaphan:
am i glad to hab u guys in NET and to share and learn more things about GOD.
i truly enjoyed every net session and seeing how ur are willing to open up ur hearts and share things, prayer requests ,i'm really awed by GOD's greatness in each of our life. May God bless u in all that u do and if ur ever need help, i'm here! tc.

To biingyih,changhoe,vincent,etc etc etc
Lols, glad to hab u guys in class. add on to the noise level.and help to bring the noise level to a greater level.HAHA
all in all, good to have known u guys.

To Irene Chan Shi Yun and Np mates:
i will MISS U!! ur my GREat pal for this 4 yrs in school and i'm glad to be able to lend u a listening ear. all the best in wadeva u do and the memories we had will always be locked up in my heart. STAY IN CONTACT. all the best for ur o lvls.

i think still got a lot of other ppl i know that i din list here.budden it's late le and i still needa call ICSy for the gior job.
ANYBODY GOT job? pls intro
and yes at least 4 dollars an hour
no work on sat n sun.
thanks eh

anyways, prom night was fun! jus that ONE embarassing incident happen.ARGGH! hehe.i won't tell anyone .heheheheheh *evil grins

hmmm, right now i guess i need FOCUS on DANCE for GOD! hmmm, as for other things, they can always wait. hehes.
* photos @ friendster
yilin and est: pls rmb to send me the photos

♥ 8:51 AM

Saturday, November 18, 2006
♥ 8:49 AM

i guess that i'm a bit too late, but well. O LVL IS OVER!!
anyways, today after dance, i went out with my pri sch frens!!
o my gosh! was so dead tired, because weiling bring us merry go round in taka.lols, sounds idiotic huh, and we almost got LOST in taka ok. cuz the mrt entrance was undergoing some sorta renovation.

wenta marina square at first, then esplande to take photos and cine to eat and take neos, taka then wisma. GOSH! i din buy anything la. . but really had a fun and great time catching up with them, saying sharing lame jokes, acting like kids again.LOLS.
i think we really act like a fool la. esp that thick skin jacyln.HAHA, take so many balloons..ok la. onli got 2.
but in the end all give away.
hmmmm, and that dumbo WeiliNg, needa go SOOo many shops to get her shoes which in the end cuz her legs to hurT! hahahahas, cuz her shoe broke ma. it always happens de.
and that yeap jun and jac seems funny when they were so reluctant to take a photo tgt~ hahas.

to weiling jacyln n yeapjun: gladd to go out with ur today and luff till ouur jaws can drop.lols. catchup huh, and though we're gg separate ways. i know we'll always be frens forever!! takcare,love ya guys lotsa!!

photos at friendster. blogger is faling me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
♥ 9:28 PM

GOd is faithful to me
and to you
what more can i say?

he's faithful till the end..it never ends.it's everlasting
it's great to knnow GOd.
walk with him.

Thursday, November 02, 2006
♥ 8:50 PM

2 more days.
4yrs of knowledge jus POUR IT OUT!
gonna miss everybody in school!

i thank God for placing church friends in my life..
that even during this difficult period of time, i know they are there fer me.
and to that dumb dumb mel: thanks fer talking to me everyday after work,if not i will be so sianed studying.hahas.

and to PX,ivy: u two mus jiayou in school also! catchup with u guys after Os bah! heheehehee.*unlimited play LOL.
can call me up toO~!!

and to all the other youths(esp.my cell leader!): thanks fer all the prayers for all those who are having exams.GOd bless u ppl lotsa lotsa~

i thank GOd for placing me in LOl, in this big family where we love,serve,
learn and grow, and go thru difficult times together.
but MOst importantly, i thank GOD for his love and his presence at all times.

and to my little bro+sis: RUMMY O!

sis is having A-lvls. pray fer that silly gal too
.hahas.OK, no offence.

and to JAs: let's JIAYOu ar! for God's gloRy!!

and jus a reminder: tmr got the continuous praying thinggy, rmb to call up ur cell grp members! (wohho, cause i almost forget!)

UPcoMIng events:
YOUTH CAMP! (carn wait)
trIP TO CHIANGMAI! i'm going to CHIANGMAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
visit the orphanages! woohhos. can't wait !
oh, not forgeting class chalet and prom!

so much plans, but ultimately , HIS plans will work.
beginning a new chapter in life after 14 DAYS.
16th NOV= liberation day

ps:more updates abt sch and np after Os.hehes.

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